Month: November 2014

Speak Out! Sing Out! Anti bullying through song writing project – Rokeby Boys school

Speak Out! Sing Out! is an innovative, creative, one day workshop devised through Living Song in preparation for Anti Bullying awareness building in primary and secondary schools. We work with a whole class, or group, KS2 and 3 to compose a song collaboratively, developing language of emotional literacy. On Weds 19th Nov, Linton Bennett, Amina Gichinga, Georgia Thorpe, and Jane Wheeler worked with 25 boys from across yr 7 – 10 at Rokeby Boys School to create an new song in this way. Watch this space to hear the recording.

CME London Choral Conducting Course 2014-15 with Doreen Rao, Simon Werner and Jane Wheeler

We are proud to announce that the CME London course has now become embedded into the UK wide Choral Music Experience (CME) programme for teachers and choral conductors, alongside Ireland and Scotland. This course promotes a studied and dynamic understanding of the repertoire, confident, expressive and skilful conducting, and non-verbal choral pedagogy used in a reflective and collaborative style. For information on current CME Institutes, go to Please click here to download the flyer (PDF) and the application form (Word) for the London course, based at Stratford Circus this year. Feel free to pass on to any of your colleagues and please don’t hesitate to contact us for further …

CME opening session with Doreen Rao, Saturday 8th November 2014

On Saturday 8th November, Dr. Doreen Rao led the first of 4 Saturday trainings for the CME Choral Conducting course hosted by Living Song at Stratford Circus. 26 teachers, vocal leaders, choir directors and artists were introduced to This repertoire-based course and workshop including cutting edge instruction in voice education, score preparation and musical analysis, conducting, program and rehearsal planning, choral pedagogy and performance practice. The professional development curriculum is distinguished by Doreen Rao’s performance approach to music education. It is rooted in the practice of awareness (mindfulness), the development of cultural sensitivity, and an exploration of socially engaged …