Month: November 2012

Yr 9 / 10 Songwriting Project

Living Song, in partnership with the Newham Academy of Music and Newham VIth Form College has now launched the new Yr 9 /10 Song writing programme being offered to Newham secondary schools. The project also offers informal CPD for music teachers and is fully in line with the new OFSTED Section 5 references to literacy (used appropriately to support musical learning, spiritual, moral, social and cultural education), recognising the importance of music’s contribution to this aspect of a school’s overall effectiveness.

Pass It On

Jane Wheeler from Living Song is currently working as a guest artist with Garwain Hewitt on the Pupil Referral Unit music project ‘Pass it On’ for Serious.

Sing Programme for Kensington Primary School

Living Song has developed a bespoke singing programme for Kensington Primary School for 2012-13, in line with the Head Teacher’s vision for his school to become a singing school. Jane Wheeler, a range of vocal artists and Young Music Mentors are working alongside teachers drawing on resources provided by the SingUp website, to raise the quality of singing and opportunity throughout the every day curriculum.