CME opening session with Doreen Rao, Saturday 8th November 2014

On Saturday 8th November, Dr. Doreen Rao led the first of 4 Saturday trainings for the CME Choral Conducting course hosted by Living Song at Stratford Circus. 26 teachers, vocal leaders, choir directors and artists were introduced to This repertoire-based course and workshop including cutting edge instruction in voice education, score preparation and musical analysis, conducting, program and rehearsal planning, choral pedagogy and performance practice. The professional development curriculum is distinguished by Doreen Rao’s performance approach to music education. It is rooted in the practice of awareness (mindfulness), the development of cultural sensitivity, and an exploration of socially engaged musicianship. We received highly positive comments from delegates:

“Many, MANY thanks again for having me on board. I’ve covered for a community choir tonight and already put a few ‘eureka’ moments from Saturday into practice and YES! They have moved everything forward – also the things I feel happen automatically in my practice but I’ve never observed them till now. It’s such a rejuvenating experience.”

“I REALLY enjoyed Saturday, it was so packed with good things, and yes I was in awe too! I really want to come back for the remaining part of the course, ie. the next three dates. Is this possible? Please advise on what I should do!!”

“Saturday was wonderful! I have achieved a long held ambition to attend a choral course with Doreen Rao – thank you for giving me that opportunity. Thank you also for all the information you sent to complete the tasks for the 6th.”

“Indeed, last Saturday was a true inspiration. I have already prepared all my Choir scores for school and had a completely transformed rehearsal on Friday due to the learning and techniques discussed last week”