Month: June 2017


We have been so moved by all the reports of endeavour and enjoyment in preparation for this event. Over 500 people – school children, young people, adults, teachers, and artists from Carlow, Ireland; Dunfermline, Scotland; and London, England – will join together to make this a true celebration of peace and community in every voice. Beautiful songs in many languages, including English, Hindi, Arabic, Twi and Zulu will fill the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. If you’ve not booked your tickets yet, please visit and do so. Come and join us as we raise our voices for PEACE.

Teacher Collaboration and Innovation

James Biddulph, the Head Teacher of Cambridge University Primary School linked up with Jane Wheeler from Living Song in leading his staff day of  collaboration and creativity, building a learning culture of trust and teamwork. We sang our socks off and the team wrote a new song for their school. The Brilliant Bus is bound to be a hit with the children! Contact Living Song if you have a plan for a team building training based on inventive play using singing, body beats, music and voice work!

The Great Get Together!

We have brought together four local community choirs, with a shared repertoire to sing at the Great Get Together at Queen Elizabeth Park this weekend, in memory of Jo Cox and and all people suffering loss and heartache at this time. NewYVC, Forest Voices, The Isle Of Dogs choir and Stratford Library Singers will join voices in solidarity and community. We hope to see you there!

CME Choral Conducting and choir leading 2017-18

It is rewarding to note that one of the important legacies to come from this course is the repertoire we learned that will contribute to a wonderful evening at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank. Five of the pieces studied and rehearsed in great depth by choir leaders at last years CME course will feature in Peace For Every Voice, Including Living Song by David Brunner, Inngiqtuq by Mark Sirett and MESSAGE, written by 5 young artists, facilitated by composer Errollyn Wallen. Watch this space for details of next years course, which will again run on one Wednesday and two Saturdays between October 2017 …