Jo Cull, Nelson Primary School

“Whilst we were waiting for the concert to start one of my pupils said to me . ‘Will this be happening again and will you chose the same pupils? Please say yes, please say yes!’. My pupils got so much out of the whole experience and it always amazes me how open they are to singing so many different styles of music, nothing seems to phase them”. Jo Cull, Assistent Head Teacher, Nelson Primary School, Napier Rd, E6 2SE

Kel Bahra, Ranelagh Primary School

“I am Kel Bahra from Ranelagh Primary School, a teacher in year 5 this year, and I  have had the privelege of seeing you at work with young children. Our school has joined you over previous years in performances for NYPC and Igospel and we have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences. I would like to congratulate you and wish you all the very best with the launch of LIVING SONG.” Kel Bahra, Ranelagh Primary School, Newham

Helen Evans, Sound Connections

“I wanted to say a big thank you for leading such a great course yesterday. All the delegates expressed how much they enjoyed the experience and gave excellent feedback!” Helen Evans, Vocal Coordinator, Sound Connections, London E1. 07/07/11

Lando Du Ploy, Kensington Primary

“What an incredible team! Our whole school, from Reception to Year 6 and all our staff had such a brilliant time creating this operetta and performing at Stratford Circus. Our parents were highly impressed with their children. Thank you so much!” Lando Du Ploy, Assistant Head Teacher, Kensington Primary, London Borough of Newham 13/07/11