Speak Out! Sing Out!

This workshop has been developed for over five years.  We aim to foster creativity, motivate children in their learning, encourage story telling, discussion and expressive language through collaborative song- making, with a focus on inclusion and empathy.  We have worked to make this affordable and to be able to work with a whole year group in three sessions during a day.

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Speak Out! Sing Out!

A Cross-Curricular Experience for KS2

Our Year 5 children worked on the Speak out! Sing Out! Project with Living Song. They all engaged immediately with this creative approach during Anti-Bullying Week to produce a very thoughtful song“. Head Teacher, Grange Primary School

MOTIVATE: Singing, movement, learning to lead

ARTICULATE: Storytelling, discussion, and expression

CREATE: Song making, sharing, singing, and exploring ideas


This workshop is specifically developed for all KS2 primary pupils including nurture groups and children who are at risk of being bullied, or who use bullying behaviour. It also serves as a valuable CPD for teachers and TA’s accompanying their pupils.

Participants will experience musical warm up and engaging singing activities, rich story telling with the use of puppets and will compose and perform a song collaboratively, exploring imaginative and expressive language. They will be introduced to extended vocabulary to help them express themselves, raising their confidence, self-esteem and improving their communication skills.


  • Write poetry and a song
  • Engage in discussions about social issues, such as bullying
  • Improvise, sing and perform their song


  1. Provide an engaging framework to support social and emotional aspects of learning
  2. Foster creativity and enjoyment through music and collaborative song making
  3. Create a lasting legacy in song for school events and social media
  4. CPD for teachers and support staff


£685 for the day, including:

  • Three 1.5hour workshops, based in the classroom, or school hall
  • 2 workshop leaders with a Young Artist assisting
  • A copy of the song written by the children with chord chart and a draft recording
  • Resources of the workshop plan for teachers


Contact Jane Wheeler to request your preferred date Tuesdays – Fridays from September 2018 -June 2019. An Invoice can be sent to your school office.


Georgia Thorp has been a freelance trainer for over 15 years, specialising in conflict resolution through storytelling and puppets. She is an NLP practitioner and trainer and much of her work focuses on understanding and expressing feelings and needs, which is based on her training in non-violent communication (NVC) developed by Marshal Rosenberg.

Jane Wheeler is a freelance Music Education Consultant with a passion for singing, teacher education and creative processes using the voice. She is a qualified teacher, Master Trainer in Choral Music, a singer songwriter and has attended a number of Nonviolent Communication courses, the learning from which continues to inform her teaching and mentoring, www.livingsong.org.

Young Artists are a part of the way Living Song works.We include one,or two local young artists aged between 18 – 25 in all our workshops. This is for their CPD, for the children to imagine their own pathways, to support the project and for the children’s enjoyment. They are fully DBS checked and trained for the workshop.