Song making and conflict resolution

Jane Wheeler has developed and delivered a range of song writing projects in collaboration with Bridget Belgrave, an NVC (Nonviolent Communication) trainer and Georgia Thorp, a freelance story teller using puppets, and a conflict resolution trainer.

‘Connect With Respect’ was a 10 week project aimed at bringing Btech music students to an awareness of how they can work together more enjoyably and effectively through developing empathy. The team included Bridget, Sparkii Ski, music producer and Jane. The students wrote, recorded and performed their songs in collaboration with each other while they explored connecting with respect. There is a full resource pack, including DVD available on line.
Download Connect with Resepct Flyer (PDF)

On another occasion, Waltham Forest invited 60 pupils and their teachers from across 10 schools to attend a creative song writing day for Anti Bullying week. Children from yr 5 and 6 who were ‘at risk’ with regards bullying and being bullied, came together to discuss the issues, explore stories the ‘Zak’ the puppet told and write a song about the issues. Linton Bennett, the producer came to the second half of the day to record the children singing and created a backing track to the song. Each school received a copy of their track.