One Voice, BYMT

ONE VOICE, BYMTFor children with Special Educational Needs

Once again the children and teachers of schools across Bromley excelled through this project. ONE VOICE was a collaboration between BYMT and Living Song CIC and funded by Youth Music. The project enabled KS 2 children from special provision classes across 10 schools to work creatively with young artists, who are developing their leadership and creative music skills. Catchy and accessible songs have been made by the children in a fun, engaging learning environment and facilitated by the Living Song team.

 Songs about the Seasons, The Body, Electricity, The Sea, The Tempest, Crayons, Tuesdays and Dinosaurs were made and then performed by the children in a wonderful celebration event at BYMT on 1st July. It was great to include two young musicians studying for GCSE and A Level music playing as part of the concert band! (Photo here!)  The songs have now been scored and recorded professionally and will be available on the BYMT website for Primary schools across Bromley and the UK to enjoy. Teachers involved in the project have expressed strong appreciation for the continuing professional development opportunity in this project and the joyful creative learning of their pupils. A typical example of their comments are: 

The workshop was wonderful. The children took part and they love the song we composed. Every time we play the song in class they all join in”.
Teacher from James Dixon Primary

“Thank you…we all loved it. It was good professional development for staff and really engaging for our children”.
Teacher from Green Street Green Primary

“Thank you so much for all of these resources – these will come in very handy for the teachers”.
Teacher from Crofton Primary School

“The workshop leaders were fabulous! They were enthusiastic, engaging and showed a very good understanding of the children’s needs and abilities”.
Teacher from Tubbenden Primary School

Watch the website for the arrival of the songs: