One Voice: Bromley Project

Abbi Asante and Mohan Dhar are working with the Musical Director of Living Song to run singing and song-making workshops for children with Special Educational Needs. Abbi Asante recently completed her BA in Performance and Enterprise at Guildhall and has been a Young Artist with Living Song CIC and NewYVC for some five years. Mohan Dhar, also a Young Artist for over five years began singing seriously with Solid Harmony at Newham VIth Form College. This is a professional engagement for them and an inspiration for the children in Bromley. Laura Palmer, Head of Trinity Specialist Provision said:

The workshop was amazing! The children really enjoyed the warm up activities. Jane, Mo and Abbi were fantastic at drawing ideas out from what the children said (however bizarre the children’s remarks were). They worked well with our team to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, which lead to really positive outcomes and a song we can be proud of.  We would recommend this team to work with any children with SEN due to their warm and nurturing approach.