Singing educates: it challenges the mind, engages the freedom of the body and motivates learners.  We are passionate about the power of singing, for its intrinsic value; for singing ‘s sake.

Singing profoundly strengthens musicianship. Singing in the everyday classroom, playground, youth centre, or home evokes learning seen and unseen. In the diversities of modern, global and urban educational spaces, the Living Song CIC team have the skills to challenge, empower and inspire young artists.  Though there is never a predetermined way of working, much of what we do:

  • Gives confidence for young artists to release their voices in groups, in whole class settings, or in whole year groups
  • Facilitates dynamic individual and collaborative song making, responding to any theme
  • Prepares and teaches a repertoire of appropriate songs, building a bank of resources to expand understanding of music from across the globe, sung in many languages
  • Builds musicianship through movement, voice and play (and laughter!)
  • Creates bespoke opportunities for children and young people in partnership with Music Hubs


Singing has the power to bring people together with a common goal to create something together. All people from any age, ethnicity, creed or orientation has a voice.  We believe that each voice is valuable and we aspire to support our communities to release their voices – to tell their stories.  Our voices are free and automatically provide an instrument to share; all we have to do is breathe and simply join.  Through Living Song CIC we:

  • Build community choirs
  • Run singing groups or singing workshops in libraries, or other spaces
  • Create a healthy, relaxed, engaging environment in your place of work; to give opportunities to develop your team’s well being and mental health
  • Work with communities with disabled people
  • Create exciting ‘flashmob’ experiences

Bring groups together in shared, singing activity.


Because singing can inspire leadership opportunities, we work hard to support new leaders in their journey to lead new singing groups.  Throughout our work, we aspire to support everyone to not only find and release their voice, but also to have the confidence to lead other voices. We have a significant history of impacting on the wider singing workforce.  Since 2012 Living Song CIC has worked with over 150 teachers and over 25 developing young artists. We create bespoke and highly challenging and enjoyable:

  • ‘Train the Trainer’ days
  • Teacher training for primary and secondary schools
  • Accredited choral conducting courses
  • Young Artist Leadership workshops

We coach new artists to bridge the differences between different musical genres and musical communities.