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Strong Hearts

NewYVC rehearsal have continued through to summer term on Zoom, in spite of the lockdown. More than half of the choir are managing to overcome the challenges of finding quiet space at home, limited internet speeds and having the necessary device available to join the Zoom sessions. The senior members, our Young Artist team focused on completing a song they began writing collaboratively before the lockdown. The song was inspired by the bravery of Malala Yousufsai in her campaigning for all girls to have the right to education, as well as other ‘strong hearts, strong minds’. The young artists performed the song from their homes and a young film maker at Tiramisu made the film.

Turn It Up

Turn It UpFor the fifth year running we were invited back to Plaistow Primary School   to run their creative TURN IT UP Project across all Yr 4 pupils.

Our Executive Director and artist Mohan Dhar worked across 2 classes to give children and young people the tools to:

  • explore singing and movement
  • build confidence in working collaboratively in creative processes
  • take risks in exploring new ideas about a given topic through song

The Project also provided opportunities for the children to develop:

  •  singing with control and rhythmical accuracy
  • song making, combining musical elements within a structure
  •  performing confidence as part of an ensemble.

The class teachers expressed delight at the project and are keen to practice each song with the backing track made for them and for each class to perform for the other and for a school assembly. Below, you can listen to a first draft phone recording one of the songs, collaboratively written by the children as part of a 2-hour singing workshop, including lots of other singing!

Youth Music Awards Ceremony

Youth Music Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday 16th October NewYVC had the enormous privilege of being invited to perform for the Inaugural Youth Music Awards Ceremony at Battersea Arts Centre.

The choir had the opportunity to see many hugely skilled and talented young artists performing and receiving their awards, as well as to sing with accompaniment from young musicians of AYM and our own resident band, Steve LodderShammi Pithia and Mathis Richet. The choir chose to sing Message which was collaboratively written by young artists two years ago, two of whom came to the Ceremony.

Thank you, Youth Music, for all your support over the years and for an incredibly memorable night for all.

Health Workers Away Day

We were delighted to be invited to lead two singing workshops for 0-19 Children’s Health and HeadStart staff Away days at Stratford Old Town Hall and Dockside E1, Newham at the end of last year. Approximately 150 members of staff each afternoon took part with enthusiasm and energy after their day of learning and discussion about issues facing Health Workers in Newham, including child safety and delivery, compliance and transformation. Singing was just the thing to lighten the mood, connect each participant and have some fun at the end of the day! At the end of the workshops, Helen Page, the organiser wrote, “Thank you so much for a fantastic session!”.

Boys 4 Voice

Boys 4 VoiceBoys 4 Voice is going from strength to strength. Our Associate and Young Artists have been running workshops in primary and secondary schools to encourage more boys to join.  We are looking forward to preparing the boys for their performance as part of Sing In The Spring at Stratford Circus    on 5th April. Have a peak at one of our workshops below:

Sing In The Spring 2020

POSTPONED until further notice, to help keep people safe

We are delighted to receive funding from the Community Fund for this project. Five community choirs and special guests of all ages and styles are coming together through singing to embrace the energy of the Spring towards new beginnings.

NewYVC will host this event @ Stratford Circus on Sunday 5th April 2020 from 6 – 7.30pm.  We will give the gig to Youth Music in celebration of all the incredible work they do to change and enrich lives through making music accessible to ALL children and young people. You can find out more about their work here

Look out for ticket information at Come, bring your friends and family and help us raise the roof while raising funds for Youth Music.

Choral Music Experience (CME) Institute London 2019-20

Williams Brandon Headshot

Dr. Brandon Williams, CME Faculty 2020

Please note, the third date of the 21st March is now scheduled for 25th July on Zoom.

Download CME flyer 2019-20 [PDF]

Dates and venues:

  • Sat 16th Nov 2019 9.30am – 5pm @ Stratford Circus, E15 1Bx
  • Sat 8th Feb 2020 9.30am – 5pm @ Stratford Circus, E15 1BX
  • Sat 21st Mar 2020 9.30am – 5pm @ Sarah Bonnell School, E15 4LP

Description: This CME Institute Course is a professional development opportunity for community and school choral teachers and conductors, singing leaders and those aspiring to develop their leadership in this field. It offers a highly differentiated experience, emphasising the quality of joyful, socially engaged practice.

Course Includes: Light refreshments and a light lunch – Comprehensive Music and Study
pack – Conducting and Vocal Tech
nique Classes – Score Marking and Analysis – Reflective Rehearsal Pedagogy – Demonstration Choir 
- Conducting Master Class option with Choir 
- CME Certification at levels 1, 2, and 3 with pathways to Artist Teacher Certification

Members of the UK faculty include Naveen Arles, Pam Hulme, Steve Lodder, Bryan Welton and Jane Wheeler. This year we are delighted to also be studying and learning with: Mandy Miller (UK), Dr. Brandon Williams (USA) and Mary Amond O’Brien (Ire)

Cost: £390 Standard inclusive fee. *Early bird £310 booking and paying by Friday 20th September 2019
CLOSING DATE Friday 25th October 2019.
BOOKING: You can download the booking form here [Word docx], or contact to reserve your place and request the form.


JOURNEYS THROUGH FRAGMENTS OF SKYWe are delighted to have been invited to make a contribution to the University of Cambridge Primary Schools Arts Week, Journeys through fragments of sky. Every child in the school took part in this project. Children designed art work, rehearsed scripts and added their own text, danced and sang through each day, delighting the audience of invited guests and parents on the last day when they shared a few outcomes of their experience.

The aims of the project were three fold: to explore creativities in teacher professional development, to bring teachers and artists together through the process of creativity,  building better awareness of the experience of arts learning for children and to explore the concepts of sky and journeys through the arts. Two young artists and our Musical Director led workshops as part of the whole team, exploring metaphors – ‘reaching for the sky’ and ’the sky is the limit’ with the children. They played singing games, wrote new songs together and sang ’Touch The Sky’, courtesy of Sing Up (website: with the whole school. Feedback from children, teachers and parents indicates that the project was a resounding success.

The Head Teacher, Dr. James Biddulph said, “Working with the young artists from Living Song gives opportunities for children to learn alongside people with fresh ideas and in ways that immediately connect with children. During arts week, we saw children inspired by their warmth, enthusiasm and utter commitment in the potentials of every child”.

INNOVATE – Boys 4 Voice

boys 4 voyceThanks to funding from ‘Go For It’ Newham Council and INNOVATE from Sound Connections, Boys 4 Voice have a core of committed young artists, keen to develop their singing, rapping, song making and performance skills. They are a small group at present, seven of whom were able to perform for the summer Festival in Beckton this year. They are working with two vocal leader / musicians and two young music mentors and are keen to continue next academic year, growing in numbers, skill and reputation. We are grateful to the Beckton Globe Library team for all their support and encouragement. For further information about joining the group, please contact Livingsong CIC or Beckton Globe Library.

One Voice, BYMT

ONE VOICE, BYMTFor children with Special Educational Needs

Once again the children and teachers of schools across Bromley excelled through this project. ONE VOICE was a collaboration between BYMT and Living Song CIC and funded by Youth Music. The project enabled KS 2 children from special provision classes across 10 schools to work creatively with young artists, who are developing their leadership and creative music skills. Catchy and accessible songs have been made by the children in a fun, engaging learning environment and facilitated by the Living Song team.

 Songs about the Seasons, The Body, Electricity, The Sea, The Tempest, Crayons, Tuesdays and Dinosaurs were made and then performed by the children in a wonderful celebration event at BYMT on 1st July. It was great to include two young musicians studying for GCSE and A Level music playing as part of the concert band! (Photo here!)  The songs have now been scored and recorded professionally and will be available on the BYMT website for Primary schools across Bromley and the UK to enjoy. Teachers involved in the project have expressed strong appreciation for the continuing professional development opportunity in this project and the joyful creative learning of their pupils. A typical example of their comments are: 

The workshop was wonderful. The children took part and they love the song we composed. Every time we play the song in class they all join in”.
Teacher from James Dixon Primary

“Thank you…we all loved it. It was good professional development for staff and really engaging for our children”.
Teacher from Green Street Green Primary

“Thank you so much for all of these resources – these will come in very handy for the teachers”.
Teacher from Crofton Primary School

“The workshop leaders were fabulous! They were enthusiastic, engaging and showed a very good understanding of the children’s needs and abilities”.
Teacher from Tubbenden Primary School

Watch the website for the arrival of the songs: