Our Personality: singing, breathing, belonging, contributing, learning, fun!
Our Offer: we bring together children, young people and communities with skilled, experienced people to explore, discover, create and learn through singing.
Our Positioning: at the cutting edge of creativity and innovation in music education, boldly collaborating with leading organisations.
Our Vision: to harness the power of singing to connect communities and help young people shine.
Our Values: quest for mastery. Lifelong learning. Mentoring. Collaboration. Celebrating diversity & inclusion. Enjoyment.


  1. Learning: pathways from beginning to mastery, young to younger at heart!
    We work strategically with staff, children and young people, developing singing skills and musicianship through workshops, or rehearsals, leading to expressive performance confidence. We develop leadership skills with young music mentors, young artists, teachers and singing leaders through formal and bespoke training and in collaboration with organizations, such as CME, Stratford Circus, Sound Connections, and Voicelab.
  2. Building: singing cultures
    We help you develop singing throughout your primary, secondary school curriculum, or as part of your Hub, drawing on a wide range of pedagogic styles, resources and techniques proven to be successful. We can ensure your success in achieving a Sing Up Award. Our artists, vocal leaders and young music mentors are ready to collaborate with you to develop your school choir, help S.E.N.D. children access the curriculum, prepare for a performance event, or to inspire your GCSE group to write record and perform songs.
  3. Organising: Producing special events
    We will work with you, bringing together artists and musicians to deliver high quality performances, choir festivals, or massed singing events, for special assemblies, or celebrations.
    We will talk with you to explore musical possibilities that no one has yet thought of, when you’re looking to liaise with people of experience, musical depth and great creative imagination.