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Welcome to our late spring news update.We hope this finds you well in the midst of challenge and change. Musicians and Artists in particular have been reminded of the value of community and need for resilience. The world is clearly not out of the woods yet and through our music we send love and wishes of hope to all those still affected by the pandemic and the socio-economic fall out resulting.

We want to bring you positive news today! Here are just three of the items you can follow on our website:

Artist Approach
Our Artist Approach Project was a huge success, thanks to the artistic and organisational team leading on the project and funding from Arts Council England. With strong contributions from the mentees, the team wrote and recorded a new song called ‘Lockdown Life’. But this project was so much more than this great new song. It was connection, compassion, collective creativity, joy, fun, mentoring, sharing, collaborating and building creative networks for the future. We encourage you to read the report below and even to have a go at writing a new song using the resources created during the project! Please do get in touch with any feed back or questions. It is the first time we have endeavoured to do anything like this and would value your thoughts.

Music In The Air
This project ran from Nov 2020 - April 2021. As you know we were commissioned by Community Links to deliver workshops with ESOL Students at Newham College and with students at Education Links. Much of this work had to be transferred to online learning. We were impressed by the versatility of the education establishments and many of the students who had the facilities to adapt, as well as our artistic team. You can hear some of the raps created with the students in the Music In The Air folder in Learning Resources.

CME 2021. Space For Change
As we follow the ‘road map’ we grow increasingly optimistic about the number of conductors and teachers who will feel safe to attend our 10th Anniversary of this extraordinary teacher education course. We already have a small number of delegates who have booked and paid for their place. The early bird deadline is 1st June. We are planning a rich, enjoyable and unforgettable experience for participants, creating vibrant memories and deep learning opportunities. We are very excited about this course,

Thank you for your continued interest and support of our work.

Wishing you good health and a productive, joyful summer term.

The Living Song Team

Artist Approach Project

Artist Approach Zoom
We are delighted to launch the resources that have been developed concurrently with the collaborative writing of Lockdown Life. Two lead artists, two young artists, six developing young artist mentees and a life coach and storyteller worked together over six months. After much planning, brainstorming, discussion about this past extraordinary year, one-to-one mentoring and sharing, the team wrote the song Lockdown Life. Shammi …

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Music In The Air Project with Community Links

piano keys illustration
The Music In The Air project has uncovered some highly talented and motivated young people. Students from Newham College learning English as a second language, demonstrated resilience and determination in continuing to attend workshops when they had to go online due to the COVID Lockdown. They worked through singing games, creative musical play with words and writing in the ‘chat’, sharing ideas and …

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Choral Music Experience (CME), London 2021

CME logo
The CME Institute Course is a professional development opportunity for choir conductors, Music teachers, singing leaders and those aspiring to develop their leadership in this field. It offers a highly differentiated experience, emphasising the quality of joyful, socially engaged practice for the 21st Century. Members of the UK and Ireland faculty include Naveen Arles, Alison Baxter, Pam Hulme, Steve Lodder, Bryan Welton, Mary Amond O’Brien and Jane Wheeler. This year at our residential intensive weekend in Cambridge we celebrate ‘A SPACE FOR CHANGE’ and our 10TH ANNIVERSARY. We are delighted to be studying and learning with:
  • Prof. David L. Brunner USA
  • Mandy Miller UK
  • Dr. Brandon Williams USA
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